What is PushClean?

PushClean™ is the new standard for freshness, cleanliness and care. Each unit contains a biodegradable all natural compact cloth that is kept dry in a self-contained sealed recyclable package until they are used.

The towelettes are activated by pressing down in the middle of the container which in return mixes the liquid and the compressed towelette. Once activated, the PushClean™ towelette decompresses and becomes ready for use.

Whether in your handbag or suitcase, for on-the-go or at home, PushClean™ is always there where you need it.

Why Push Clean?

  • 100% Natural
  • Anti - Bacterial
  • Non - Carcinogenic
  • Human and Environment Friendly
  • Compost friendly, 12-weeks natural biodegradable wipes
  • Non-abrasive,100% Natural Fibers, Recyclable
  • Faster,Easier,Super-Convenient and, they really Work!!!!
  • Natural non-abrasive Scrubbing Action
  • 4-second activation time
  • Portable for car, travel, work, shopping, schools… everywhere
  • 100% Recyclable plastic packaging materials
  • Not too dry,not too wet... JUST RIGHT
  • Outstanding mileage/coverage compared to ordinary wiping materials